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It all happened one fine day in the gymnasium when three best friends came up with the brillant idea of bringing jobs to people by leveraging on technological advancement of the modern day!

GrabCrew is an automated location-based smartphone recruitment platform for the part-time service industry. GrabCrew aims to revolutionize the traditional recruitment markets. For the first time in human history, jobs come to you instead of the other way around. This is achieved by introducing simple and cost effective technology to our dedicated users. With this technology, GrabCrew hopes to optimize the real-time matching process between employers and employees on a location and a personal selection basis. Our vision is to revamp recruitment in the Service Industry, making the traditional tedious process around the world more efficient and more cost effective, and one that we can all be proud of.

We believe GrabCrew is uniquely positioned to capture these market opportunities as
(1) We are using leading edge technology to develop a more cost effective and functional solution than other available alternatives
(2) Our founding team has established deep relationships with the relevant industry employers
(3) Never before has part-time job matching in the service industry been this easy.

It is one small step on the technological front, and a giant leap for service crews!



1.Download GrabCrew App

2.Register your business profile

3.Post out jobs

Employee (Service Crew)

1.Download GrabCrew App

2.Register your personal details,job experience & job preference

3.Posted jobs track you down based on your geographical location, your qualifications & your industry experience

4.Accept job

Job match found
Report for work!

After job is performed, both employer & service crew can rate their experience to help us maintain a quality service.

A dedicated summary sheet of your job details will also be available for download

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As a team, our ultimate vision is to pioneer part-time service jobs efficiency, effectiveness and mobility for all. We know that by combining top talent, disruptive technologies and innovation, a local start-up like us can surpass even the most developed countries, such as the US. Our team wishes to help find and develop this talent to create a high potential business venture that will help bring South East Asians to the forefront of the technological development wave. As importantly,we wish to help contribute back to our beloved country by developing a sustainable solution for a very real social pain. We hope to one day become a successful example to others who wish to pursue this daunting road of technopreneurship and we believe that GrabCrew is our opportunity to do so successfully. If you like GrabCrew and would like to help us fund our global expansion let’s get in touch!